Restaurant Online Ordering

We offer single unit restaurants, as well as groups and chains, a fully branded online ordering system that delivers big results.

Features include:

  • Online Ordering website
  • Branding / Logos to match your current site
  • Mobile ready
  • Fully Integrated with Win-EZ POS
  • Use your existing credit card processor.
  • Fixed cost: unlimited orders for one flat fee
  • Menu availability hours (lunch / dinner)
  • Delivery and Takeout Options
  • Hours of operation, and holiday hours / closures
  • Future Order capability

Win-EZ POS Integration

Your online ordering system is fully integrated into the Win-EZ POS system.


Integration Includes:

  • Orders are added to the Win-EZ system as they are placed on the web site.
  • Orders are printed to remote printers automatically.
  • Printed orders contain customer information, and pickup / delivery times.
  • Cashier recall screen includes customer information.
  • Customers are added to the Win-EZ customer database, and order history is recorded.
  • Details from online orders are include in all reporting.

Setup and Support

Your online ordering is managed by the same people that support your current Win-EZ system.

All of our plans include:

  • A fully themed site that matches your current web presence.
  • Full menu build, and POS linking of all items, including modifiers.
  • Ingredient details, so that all item additions or subtractions are available to customer.
  • Full testing of menu integration on a remote copy of your system so that there is no interruption of your business with test orders.
  • Ongoing menu maintenance and price changes.


The demo sites below demonstrate complex menus with various features:

Pizza Demo

Breakfast Demo

Deli Demo



Initial Setup: $699.00

  • Includes initial consultation
  • Full menu build
  • Integration
  • Website layout
  • Testing
  • Deployment.

Monthly Fee: $119.00

  • Includes unlimited orders
  • POS integration
  • Credit card processing
  • Support
  • Ongoing menu maintenance.

Additional Costs:

  • There may be an additional setup and licensing cost for Win-EZ Modules (approximately $600, but will vary by system). Contact your Win-EZ Dealer for more information.
  • A credit card gateway account may be needed, and would be charged separately by your processor or the gateway.

Get Started

Have some questions? Ready to get started:


  • Call us at: (864) 501-5161
  • Send us an email: order "at" (replace "at" with @)
  • Contact your Win-EZ Dealer and request more info.